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Offering Advanced Technology Window Film

Jennings Window Tinting in Inman, South Carolina, professionally installs window film that can serve as an energy-efficient sunscreen or add privacy. Get all the protection you want without sacrificing the view. If we don't have what you need, we'll get it within a day.

Car With Tinted Windows


Energy costs continue to rise, but you have options to decrease monthly bills. Architectural film is effective for green-standard houses. The film allows windows to change color from dark to light depending on how much sun you want. The calculated heat and light control technology helps keep heat inside during cold winter months.


When it comes to auto tinting, we're careful to meet your goals while also adhering to current laws so you can drive worry-free. We provide 27% tinting coverage for South Carolina, 35% for North Carolina, and various percentages for surrounding states. We install back windows as dark as the client wants, as long as the front two windows abide by state law.


Increase the value of your office and potentially attract more rental interest with professional office window film. We carry a variety of tinting options for businesses, including SPF 22%, which has a mirror effect. Our other most popular office tinting is the 20% natural look. Get a clear view from your windows with the assurance that from the exterior you have privacy and security.

Ordering and Installation

From safety concerns to better livability, we help determine your key priorities first. Next, we share our resources book, allowing you to browse many styles and benefits before choosing the best film for your needs. We receive products within a day if we order before 5:00 p.m., and install film one to three days later. Installation time is three hours or less, depending on the number of windows ordered.


We add value to all our window tinting jobs by providing a lifetime tinting service. Depending on your specifications and product types, cost of service varies. If existing film is on your window, we must first remove it for an additional charge.


Receive long-lasting quality without fading, breaking, or peeling for seven years. Our lifetime film warranty specifics if "natural" causes damage the tinting, we will replace it for free. We will complete all warranty work for you.